Purchasing Art

Collecting art is always a challenging and exciting process. By purchasing a piece, you are not only enriching your surroundings with someoneís meaningful proposition to viewing the world, but you are also helping to promote the future of art.

E. Applinís work, due to its larger size and colorful approach, looks best dominating a larger wall and is perfect for an office, gallery, museum, or living room wall. Whether as a gift or for your own personal enjoyment, by purchasing an oil painting you have invested in an original piece of art that will survive generations and gain in value as the years progress.

The artist, when pricing the work, has taken into consideration the time and energy (usually hundreds of hours) put into the individual pieces, the monetary amount of art supplies used, and their own notability in the art world today. Since the only true way to gain full appreciation of a piece of art is to view it in person, all work may be viewed, by appointment, in the artist's studio.

All prices are negotiable, and do not include shipping, handling or insurance. The artist accepts charge cards via billpoint, cashier's checks, money orders and personal checks(with a clearing period). International shipping is available for an additional fee. Installment purchase plans are also available.
To make a purchase, get more purchase details or to just ask questions, contact the artist: eapplin@applinart.com