This is a striking piece of surrealism, dark and immersing. The two figures sitting back to back share a comfort in their mutual oblivion, though not entirely with each other. They are looking into the dense horizon, watching the possible light pass by - it has shone on them before and will again, they have no urge to follow it at the moment. The image is rich, laden with mystery and future opportunities, but there is a hint of fear as well. The moment is comfortable, but the image is slightly jagged, displaying avoidance. The wish is to get lost in security, stay in one place, but the impossibility of this is also seen. A union, a merger is yearned for and feared. All appears calm, but frustration is beginning to brew. From a distance, everything in the work flows, but upon closer inspection nothing is as it seems. This is a dream, a profound wish for fluidity. Dispersion is soon to follow, this is subconsciously recognized, but not acknowledged. Once again, a piece very aware of it's unreality. Vaguely passive with a charged undercurrent, surprisingly filled with rationality - personal yet universal.

Ashton Rayne

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