This work is set in a similar environment to the above, but the drawn conclusions are entirely different. There is a definite change of theme, starting a transition from dreamy inclinations into harsh reality. The figure on the right is rooted into the ground of its own volition, even if it were capable of movement it would not budge. There is a small companion figure beside it, indifferent and ignored, but loyal. The figure on the right is blinded by it's own impatience, frustration, rage, and resentment. Over an expanse there lies a new experience, but the distinct impression received is that the figure is throwing a tantrum - no matter how much it may be persuaded, or how much it desires to take action, it cannot for it's stubbornness. It is in rags and blinded, but it is fully aware of it's position. There is a tad of repressed desire to give in to the calming urges - indicated by a haughty, though slightly slumped posture and the darkened atmosphere of a time soon to pass - but it is prevented by self destructive inclinations. Unwilling to relent, this is a work all can relate to - almost primal in a sense.

Ashton Rayne

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