Birds Are Dying

This is a piece speaking strongly of isolation, mockery, and hopelessness. A non-gendered human figure is drowning... it could be drowning into itself, it's emotions; internal dying represented externally... while the world continues to function, inadvertently taunting the one who is being drained of hope. Only a fence separates the figure from freedom, but the water it is in separates it farther, beyond the reach of assistance. A bird does not fly, it perches, gazing down into the water. The bird remembers flight, freedom, but only as a memory; it joins the human figure in silence, but cannot decide between the world present or it's former carefree nature. We cannot know if it will take off into the sky or remain. Meanwhile, far away human figures go about their business, blissfully ignorant and unaware. This is a frozen moment, unendingly desperate, with the only change being unimportant and trivial. Representing an unhappy descent into self, unable to convince itself of eventual progress. Desolate, earthbound, jaded, so immersed in aggression that apathy has ensued.

Ashton Rayne

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